About Me

Hello, I’m Amne Suedi


am an Entrepreneur with superb legal and business skills and an indepth knowledge and passion for AFRICA.

I founded Shikana Group because of my passion for investments in Africa and Private Sector Development.  It is an investment advisory firm specialises in investments in Africa. The legal department of the business has been recognised as Recommended Firm for Foreign Investment by several renown authorities, including the Global Legal Expert.  we help multinational companies, entrepreneurs around the world, non-profit organizations, family offices who want to investment and make a difference in Africa. We work with investors in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Eastern Africa at large.

My other passion is mining and natural resources where I sit as non -executive director for a number of companies in this sector and I equally founded Nubian Gems, which is a company that is in the business of creating and selling jewelry from gemstones found in Tanzania and which celebrates the beauty of Africa.

I equally invest in technology companies in Africa that provide solutions using technology ranging from education, legal solutions, health and more.

Over the years, I have been able to add value to many stakeholders who are operating in Africa and I look forward to continuing my work and contributing to the advancement of Africa.

With this diverse background and experience, I have had the pleasure to speak at international  conferences including WINTRADE London, ICE AFRICA, ICE LONDON, INDABA MINING South Africa, Casa Blanca International Arbitration Conference to name a few.

Contact me

Email: amne@amnesuedi.com

What makes me qualified?


I combine a strong experience in business and entrepreneurship, law with a very strong understanding of financing and corporate governance. Equally, I have an deep understanding of cross border trade and investment issues having acted as adviser to the East African Community (the “EAC”) and the World Trade Organisation (the “WTO”). I understand regional integration  particularly the economic law of regional integration, international trade as well as bilateral and multilateral negotiations.



International Trade and Taxation 100%
Regulatory Affairs 100%
Strategic Communication 100%
Dispute Resolution and Litigation 100%
Intellectual Property 100%
Research and Analysis 100%

Awards and Accomplishements

1.  Amne Suedi was recognized as a Top Female CEO in Tanzania by The Citizen’s Survey which shows that only 12 out of 140 large private companies and non-government organizations that were surveyed last year are headed by women Chief Executive Officers (CEO’s) and directors. Amne Suedi was quoted saying,

”Honored to be recognized as one of the few females in Tanzania breaking the glass ceiling. We must all work together  so we can do  better and give  more women opportunities in leadership and entrepreneurship.”

2. Amne Suedi is involved in a number of pro bono initiatives including the Tanganyika Law Scoiety where she lends her time to advise various committees, the Tanzania Women Lawyer Association, East Africa Law Society to name a few. She equally mentors young girls and young girls.

  3. Amne Suedi was recognised by the Global Legal Experts as Leading Lawyer in Foreign Investment Category for 3 consecutive years (2017 to 2020).


What the World
Says About Me

“When I needed a good legal advice, I took a chance and came to this firm. And this was one of the best decisions in my life. Absolutely happy about how everything ended.”

Nick C.

“It was a very satisfying experience for me and my company to work with this legal advisor. Thank you so much for your professional help and assistance in the matter.”

Anna D.

“I want to thank Amne Suedi for her amazing handling of our usd 200 million investment. She has been a tremendous help from start to finish. She is courteous and understanding of our business needs and how these can be achieved in Africa.”

Eric M.

1 Billion People
54 Countries
a Compelling Frontier Market!

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